Katja Morgan

  • 5'11½"
  • 36"
  • 28"
  • 37"
  • 4-6 US
  • M
  • 13
  • Blonde
  • Green

Ever since coming out in 2017, Katja has been dedicated to building community and increasing visibility among LGBTQ+ people. Last summer, she graduated as the first openly transgender dentist from the University of California-San Francisco, and in her time there she helped establish the first national organization representing LGBTQ+ dentists and dental students. She currently does research on access to gender-affirming care, and is helping to write a clinical textbook on facial feminization surgery (FFS). After completing her Master of Public Health (MPH) from Harvard this May, she will begin her time as the first openly transgender Winston Health Policy Fellow. She is dedicating her career to expanding access to healthcare for LGBTQ+ people and fighting the frightening legislative attacks we are seeing against transgender people and especially youth across the country through policy.